Our Services

      Our service to you includes the following -  

The finance options we can source for you includes -

  • A financiers/investors review of your project/asset;

  • Structuring capital options for you to consider;

  • Introductions to a range of financiers/investors.

  • Presentation of the project/asset to financiers/investors.

  • Sourcing of capital offers;

  • Documentation of the transaction; and 
  • Ongoing assistance with the investment/drawdown/reporting process.


  • Senior Debt (first ranking mortgage);  
  • Mezzanine Debt (second ranking mortgage); 
  • Equity (Preferred or take out);
  • Joint Venture Partners;
  • Treasury Risk Management; and
  • Interest rate hedging assistance.














What we will do for you -  

The asset classes we deal in are -

  • Ensure your needs are met; 
  • Determine the best capital solution for the financing of your project/asset;
  • Deliver a range of financiers/investors to provide that capital;
  • Assist you in dealing with the financier/investor through professional presentations; and 
  • Source the best possible solution including terms and price.
  • Land Sub divisions; 
  • Home Builders; 
  • Medium/High Density Residential;
  • Commercial Office, Retail, Industrial;
  • Hotels/Motels;
  • Aged Care / Retirement Villages; and
  • Most other specialised asset classes.